Student Exam

So far in the National Multicultural Division, we have Grade one & Grade two which is in use, and Grade three is in the process. We will eventually have four Grades in the National Multicultural Division for dance students.

As a member of the CDTA, BC Branch, please submit a REQUEST FOR STUDENT EXAMINATION FORM to the National Multicultural Examination Secetary Marie Jones, P.O. Box 31547, Pitt Meadows BC. V3Y 2G7

Please note that student exams are only available to members in good standing


Step 1 – Please submit “Request for Student Examination” form to the National Multicultural registrar.
Step 2 – When the date is set for your students examination, the Student Exam Entry form and Students Schedule must be submitted with full payment and received by the National Multicultural Exam Secretary, Marie Jones, six weeks prior to your exam date. Entries received after the six week period will be subject to a $25.00 per week late charge. Late additions, are $10.00 more per exam.

Please ensure that your students names are spelled correctly and that their ages are included on the student schedule.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Multicultural Secretary