Specialty Dances

To: Specialty Dance Members

1.         Adjudicator – The CDTA BC Branch is pleased to announce that Donn Picard has been appointed an Adjudicator for the Specialty Dances. Donn’s career has been focused on social dancing and he with his skills and expertise will guide the future of these dances.

2.         Donn will also be the person who will adjudicate future members when the criteria is completed and Donn and Pat are working on this taking into consideration the input and desires of the current members. Please note that the title Ballroom indicates that in most cases there are 2 persons dancing together as leader and follower. This is one thing that we have in common which makes it both interesting and challenging, It also encourages social interaction between 2 people or in groups (class or practice) and is a healthy life style choice.  The dance levels are usually Social, Recreational and Competitive

3.         www.cdtabc.com will have a Specialty Dance Section in the Ballroom section and as material is completed it will be in this site.

4.         CDTA Pins are now available to order to give some incentive to increase business and be able to award to your students upon completion of a program structured by the teacher.  Donn has made some suggestions to create a structured program in 3 levels:

                Pearl Pin (White)  16 – 20 week program to include 5 elements of the dance of their choice

                Ruby Pin (Red)      7 – 10 elements

                Emerald Pin (Green) 12 – 15 elements


 An order form is available on the website – Pins are $4.00 each.

Later on a more challenging “rewards” program with be implemented and we look forward to the teachers’ involvement with this progression.

5.         In the future it is anticipated that the next stage of development will be standards criteria for Professional qualifications in:

            West Coast Swing

            Argentine Tango


Donn Picard

Pat Nikleva