Argentine Tango Social Dance Program

Enroll in the Argentine Tango Social Dance Program - a structured way of understanding and furthering your tango.

This is your opportunity to be among pioneers in a brand-new initiative developed by the Canadian Dance Teachers Association BC Branch (CDTA BC).

Register and get started on a journey of discovering your tango!​

Join the Program Launch Event 
Saturday, January 26

7:00 - 8:30pm Orientation class
8:30 - 11:00pm Practica and Party
Dancing for Dessert Studio
20279 97 Ave, Unit 3, Langley, BC

For more info and registration, contact or submit a registration form

Orientation Class $20. Pre-registration is required.
Program Enrollment $60 for each part (of three) and includes a Program Outline, an Orientation Class, a Coaching Session, an Assessment Session and Report.
Program Challenge, for $90, allows advanced and high intermediate dancers to enroll in all three parts at the same time.

The program defines specific goals to explore essential concepts and elements of Argentine tango dance and culture. It is designed to convey and preserve the authenticity and cultural heritage of the dance.

​A CDTA BC accredited instructor measures student progress in periodical assessment sessions to help focus a student’s learning. Customized learning plans and goals are set to facilitate student progress. ​
The content is divided into three progressive parts. Each part begins with an orientation class where a student is facilitated to do a self-assessment before enrolling in the program. Each part ends with an assessment session where a student demonstrates their skill, and specific written feedback is provided for the student’s future reference. A student can learn and progress at their own pace, without deadlines.
With instructor permission, a student with adequate experience may enroll to challenge the program and be tested on all three parts in one assessment.

* The Canadian Dance Teachers Association aims to advance education in the field of dance and maintains an organization of qualified dance teachers throughout Canada.

Along with an assessment report, the student is awarded a CDTA pin:
Pearl Pin for part 1 – Linear Motion: Walking & the cross (Caminada & Cruce) ,
Ruby Pin for part 2 – Changing Direction: Rock steps & pivots (Rebote & Ocho), and
Emerald Pin for part 3 Circular Motion: Turns (Molinete/Giro).

Future Orientation Classes:
February 9, 6:15-7:45, Dancing For Dessert, Langley
March 16, 6:15-7:45, Dancing For Dessert, Langley
April 27, 6:15-7:45, Dancing For Dessert, Langley


Can I take lessons wherever I want, once I enroll? Yes, even though your program enrollment is with a CDTA-accredited teacher, you can take lessons with any teacher and school that suits you.

​Do I have to take the assessments? ​You can enroll in any of the three parts of the program without taking the assessments.

How much time do I have to complete the program, once I enroll? You can progress at your own pace without being pressured by a deadline. On the other hand, if you like deadlines, you can consult you CDTA teacher in setting timelines along with other goals.

​Where are the assessment sessions held? The location of assessment sessions is determined by your CDTA teacher.​
Do I have to have a specific skill level to enroll? Dancers of all skill levels can enroll and work the content at their own level.