Welcome to the CDTA BC Branch website

The CDTA BC Branch is a registered Society offering a wide range of certification programs for professional dance teachers and student examination programs in many disciplines.

The Disciplines offered are:

The website has a section for each Division of the Branch. It contains information on becoming a member and on student examination services provided to members.

Member Benefits

There are many reasons to join the CDTA:

  • Accreditation in represented dance disciplines
  • Insurance for members and family – Commercial Coverage and Group Health/Dental/Disabilty
  • Networking with other dance professionals in various disciplines
  • Listing in the Members Directory
  • Being part of a National dance community with branches across Canada
  • Be involved in creating and maintaining dance standards and syllabi and a variety of exciting initiatives to further the presence of the art of dance in the community.
  • Access to members-only pages, documents and discussion forums on cdtabc.com
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performance de i Kehua

Please pay a visit to our new Entripy Shop: http://cdtabc.entripyshops.com
Members, be on the look out for a tote bag (pictured upper right) and coupon!

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Happy Anniversary, CDTA BC!
Not only is it our 70th year, but today marks the 50th anniversary of our incorporation.

2019 World Social Dance Day is to be Sunday, September 22, and the Dance of the Year is the Waltz or any dance in 3/4 time.

Examples of this charming dance (in alphabetical order) are American style Waltz, Bolero, Branle, Cajun Waltz, Canter rhythm, Courante, Contra Waltz, Country Western Waltz, Cross-step waltz, Cuban (or Tropical) Waltz, El vito, Fandango, Hesitation Waltz, International standard waltz, Kujawiak, Labajalavalss, Mazurka, Mexican vals, Minuet, Oberek, Passepied, Peruvian waltz, Piva, Polonaise, Polska, Redowa, Ritournelle, Sarabande, Scandinavian Waltz, Tango vals, Tourdion, Treble jig, Tsamiko, Valse à deux temps, Valse Musette, Venezuelan waltz, Viennese waltz, Walking Boston.

Did you know? that the history of waltz dances dates back as far as the 1500s?

The picture in this post depicts Viennese Waltz.

Welcome our new Licentiate member of the Ballroom Division, Adam Hanna of Victoria BC!

Adam started teaching in 2007 and has since earned top teacher awards, competed internationally in pro-am and professional competitions, and certified to Full Gold level in American Style Smooth and Rhythm dancing. His dream is to foster a dance community where people feel safe and encouraged to push themselves toward their goals.

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Happy long weekend! Enjoy a well deserved rest!

Faculty for the 70th Anniversary Convention in Regina, SK being held July 11-14, 2019.

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