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The CDTA BC Branch is a registered Society offering a wide range of certification programs for professional dance teachers and student examination programs in many disciplines.

The Disciplines offered are:

The website has a section for each Division of the Branch. It contains information on becoming a member and on student examination services provided to members.

Member Benefits

There are many reasons to join the CDTA:

  • Accreditation in represented dance disciplines
  • Insurance for members and family – Commercial Coverage and Group Health/Dental/Disabilty
  • Networking with other dance professionals in various disciplines
  • Listing in the Members Directory
  • Being part of a National dance community with branches across Canada
  • Be involved in creating and maintaining dance standards and syllabi and a variety of exciting initiatives to further the presence of the art of dance in the community.
  • Access to members-only pages, documents and discussion forums on cdtabc.com
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Respect Everyone Equally – Set Expectations – Set Goals for Success – It’s About the Journey – Keep it Positive & Have Some Fun – Integrate Volunteer Coaches

In preparing for tests and examinations, students have a set length of time to practice, take classes and private lessons. A focused learning plan with specific and timed goals can significantly add to student success and achievement.

We can help students identify the styles and levels of medal that will improve their dance skills. Our expertise and understanding can be a great influence in developing individuals and dance communities.

Once a student is identified as a test candidate, completing the application is a show of commitment to start a development plan and lessons and practices. Enough lead time will add to the quality of the candidate experience. It gives the teacher more opportunity to help in a candidate’s preparations.

Your division’s Examination Secretary is committed to facilitating the student’s learning path and achievements.

Bobbi Lusic, Examination Secretary
Ballroom and Specialty Dances Division, CDTA BC

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The visit from BC

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paso showdance from 2004

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